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Ladders since 1964

Our products have been designed and manufactured with great care thanks to our long experience in this field. Moreover, Official Labs have tested and certified them in compliance with quality and safety rules, both Italian and European.

Our chief aims are the best quality of the products along with the highest safety for the users. All Svelt ladders conform to the specific technical standards concerning safety in manufacturing and use. Modern trademarks and certificates confirm that our products are of the first-rate and undergone project and quality tests.

European norms.

Ladders manufactured and sold in compliance with European Standards UNIEN131-1-2-3-4 are tested by an Official Lab, recognised by the Ministry of Labour.  
It is the European Standard for ladders. It is put on ladders having passed tests already specified above. The European Standard UNIEN 131-1-2-3-4 is not applicable to stools to whom European Standard EN14183 can be applied

Svelt ladders and scaffoldings conform to ISO 9000 according to UNI EN 287/1 and to EN ISO 9606/2. Svelt welders have a licence and are examined periodically to check their ability standard.
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