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European Standard

If you want to have a scaffolding system in accordance with European Standard UNIEN1004, it is necessary to equip it with the following parts:

  • 1 base half-platform where the first inner ladder leans on (leaning on the floor is forbidden)(only for Professional and Dingo)
  • 1 working platform every 4 metres at least. The platform must be equipped with a trapdoor and toeboards
  • 4 braked wheels
  • 1 inner ladder for each working platform (compulsory only for Professional and Dingo)
  • 4 guard-rails at each intermediate working platform

The European Standard allows using a scaffolding system without securing it but it is not applicable over 12 metres indoor and over 8 metres outdoor. European Standard UNIEN1004 is not applicable in case of working platform placed under 2.5 m and when the scaffold exceeds the heights mentioned above.

Scaffolding systems equipped with working platforms and inner ladders according to European Standard. There are two models of inner ladders:
  • the single section model (A): for working platform distances within 2,4 m.
  • the two-section push-up model (B): for distances between 2,4 and 3,6 m.
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