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Spandecks for scaffoldings

Lenght max m 8
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 250 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
Suitable for heavy duty

To be assembled between two scaffoldings

It is a lightweight aluminium decking system with lengths up to 7 m.
The decks can be joined together to form a working platform and can be turned upside down and become a single deck provided with  toeboards.
Each deck is equipped with hooks at the end and can be mounted on tubes Ø 50 mm (Tempo Tech).
In a few seconds you will obtain a lightweight and rust-proof walkway system.

  • External width: 605 mm
  • Height: 190 mm
  • Max capacity concentrated in the middle: 1,8 KN (180 kg)
  • Max capacity: 250 kg (including 2 persons)
  • Max inclination: 15/20%
Svelt progetta e produce anche passerelle e parapetti su misura in alluminio per coperture. 
Creiamo camminamenti sui tetti in presenza di lucernari o altre sistuazioni che impediscano agli operatori di camminare direttamente sul tetto.
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