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Glasses Lifter Express

maximum height mm 1769
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
CE mark

Transportable & extra-compact Glasses lifter

Mechanical operation (just manual elevation).
No electricity, no hidraulic.
Very simple does not need hard maintenance.

Express is compact, can be assembled in less than a minute and is easy to carry.

Maximum height 1769 mm suction cups
Minimum height 839 mm suction cups

• Controls drive manual winch with a single handle
• Device of rotation of the glass at 360 °
• Automatic vertical and horizontal adjustment to center the seat in the window
• Robust aluminium column elevation (flexion control)
• Labels and manual of use and maintenance
• Test certificate according to the European regulations (EC)

Express is designed to allow you to download, install and carry large sheets of glass.
It has a lifting capacity of 150 kg.
Rotates glass with a maximum length of 3000 mm.
Has a regulation system  to allow the insertion of the glass in the seats of the frame.

Handle the glass can be dangerous, especially in rough terrain.
Large windows were always carried by hand with big risks.
Express was developed to solve this need.
An innovative lift machine, lightweight, small and portable
that can carry 100 Kg windows (one person) or 150 kg (2 persons).
Express is transported in a van in 2 components of 34kg and can be assembled in less than a minute.

Express can download the sheet from the truck and carry it to the place of assembly without risk of damage.
The 330mm pneumatic wheels are specially made for traveling over rough terrain typical of construction sites.
The axis of the wheels is adjustable from 54 cm to 80 cm depending on the corridor or doors available for transport.

An exceptional system allows the 360 ° rotation of the glass.
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