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Folding platform ladder for tankers

Dimensions on demand
CE Material Lift
CE Material Lift
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Flow 1 person
It shows the number of people who can climb the structure at the same time
Suitable for heavy duty

Telescopic platform ladder with folding frame ladder to pass through doors

Designed to allow the safe access or disembarkation of operators who have to work, empty, clean the tanks of tankers or railway wagons.
The peculiarity of this platform for tankers is that it can be closed in a few seconds in order to allow passage through doors of limited height or any obstacles present in the working radius. Our tanker ladder has a large overhang above the tanker without forcing the base frame to slide under the body between the wheels of the vehicle (which is often impossible).
The painted steel frame supports a ribbed aluminum staircase with a platform complete with railings on all sides and (on request) a front landing gate.
Telescopic ladder for cantilevered ballasted tanks.
Comes flush with the truck. Fixed height or telescopically adjustable.
The basic structure (frame) is made of painted steel equipped with 2 levelers (+2 optional) and 4 full rubber swivel wheels diam. 255 mm with brake (also suitable for gravel).
The Platform for tankers and tankers with 2 sections is made of aluminum with telescopic extension and adjustable in height.
It can be raised and lowered using a manual winch equipped with a steel cable.
A pop-up clip with 2 locking hooks provides mechanical safety in the event of cable breakage.
The ladder is equipped with handrails on both sides for a comfortable ascent of the operator.
Grip points under the frame for forklifts for eventual movement on site.
Aluminum platform with toeboard, knee guard and protective parapet with opening gate and front landing (on request)
Optional cantilevered protective cage to protect the operator working on the tank (on request).
  •      SMALL PLATFORM FOR TANK TRUCKS platform height from m. 2.89 at m. 4.41
  •      PLATFORM FOR MEDIUM TANK TRUCKS platform height from m. 3.15 to m. 4.91
  •      PLATFORM FOR LARGE TANK TRUCKS platform height from m. 3.40 at m. 5.41
  •      PLATFORM FOR TANK TRUCKS MAXI platform height from m. platform height > 5.50 m (max m 7)

  •      Labels and use and maintenance manual
  •      Test certificate according to Italian and European CE regulations for lifting and moving a maximum load of 20 kg of equipment.
  •      4 solid wheels diam. 255 mm (2 with brake swivel and 2 fixed)
  •      2 front levellers
  •      Aluminum landing and parking platform with non-slip floor


Also available without lifting mechanism (non-telescopic fixed ladder).
In this case the CE marking is neither necessary nor applicable.
  •      Special measures
  •      Cantilevered basket on the tank (cm 120x120)
  •      Cantilevered basket on the tank (cm 150x150)
  •      Sun/rain protection canopy on the cantilever basket
  •      Model with 400 mm diameter pneumatic wheels and steering wheel
  •      Optional protective cage on the second extension element starting from c. 2 meters off the ground
  •      Fixed platform height from 2500 mm to 3500 mm (equipped with wheels diam. 200 mm)
  •      Fixed platform height from 3501 mm to 4300 mm (equipped with wheels diam. 255 mm)
  •      Protection chain on the platform
  •      Ground access gate
  •      2 additional rear levelers (2 standard front)
  •      Flat steps (only for fixed staircase)
  •      Steering rudder or single wheel motor
  •      Base frame in stainless steel for "clean" rooms or for use in very aggressive chemical environments

N.B. Movement without people on board. Capacity 1 person max kg 130 + tools kg 20
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