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Torretta Picking

max working height m 4,99
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Suitable for heavy duty

Special warehouse mobile platform ladder equipped with large platform, guardrail and handrail, it is welded extruded aluminium.

60x70 cm platform equipped with small lifting platform, guardrail and handrail.
For professional use it is made of welded ribbed extruded aluminum.
The steps are welded to the uprights to create an ultra-resistant monolith.
It is equipped with a mechanically operated lifting platform (winch) to bring packages of different sizes up to 50 kg up and down.
The ladder is ideal for picking inside warehouses or supermarkets.
The back frame is perpendicular to the ground in order to allow the operator to approach the shelves from the front.
However, the ladder must not be mooved with people, objects and / or material on board.
The climbing ramp is wide and comfortable.
The ladder is equipped with 10/15 or 20 cm deep non-slip flat steps (on request).

The brake system is lever operated
  • Abbassando la leva si solleva il carrello con le ruote e la scala si appoggia stabilmente sui tamponi di base (piedini antisdrucciolo).
  • Alzando la leva si abbassa il carrello con le ruote e la scala è libera di essere spostata nelle corsie.
Technical features
  • Steps (depth) steps: 10/15 or 20 cm
  • Lifting platform size: 60x50 cm
  • Ramp profile: 80x30 mm
  • Steps distance: 25 cm
  • Guardrails height: 100 cm
  • Toeboard height: 15 cm
  • Ramp width: 60 cm
  • 46-48 ° 54 ° / with step 200 mm. 62 ° / with 150 mm step. Climbing ramp inclination: with 100 mm step.
  • 125 Wheels: diam.
  • (winch)Lifting platformMechanically operated
  • Entry gate (360 ° protection)
  • Climb handrails
  • Basic lever trolley for quick movement
  • Anti-deflection bars on the longest steps
  • Ergonomic and oversized non-slip rubber pads for maximum adherence to the ground
  • Labels and user and maintenance manual
  • Test certificate
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