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Mini Fly

Platform height max m 0,50
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
ISO 9000
It is shown on products which conform to the European Standard on welding
Politecnico MI
It shows that the Politecnico di Milano (Applied-Science Faculty in Milan) has tested a product and certified that it conforms to UNI EN131-1-2-3-4 (ladders), UNIEN14183 (step-stools), UNIEN1004 (scaffolds)
It shows that the product has been patented
Suitable for heavy duty

Mobile platform stepladder with 360° guardrail protection with 4 self braking wheels, they grant a totall protection for maximum platform height of cm 50, steps depth 100 mm

They are manufactured according to French standards E.M.E.R. and are suitable to work on supermarket shelves.
They grant a total protection for a maximum platform height of cm 50.
The highest model is equipped with a climbing step with a thickness of 100 mm.
Extremely light, it can be moved in all directions thanks to the 4 supplied pivoting castors.
This way all operators will have an equipment according to laws in force and management will be safeguarded in case of accident (operator’s fall).

  •  Reinforced non-skid aluminum platform (49x44 cm) with ergonomic design anti-opening safety device and 10 cm toeboards
  •  PVC reinforced non-skid feet with ergonomic design
  •  Steps depth 100 mm
  •  Guardrail height 100 cm on all 4 sides
  •  Tool-tray with capacity 15 kg
  •  Painted foldable handrails which do not soil hands
  •  4 castors Ø 80 mm equipped with springs to block the ladder
  •  Climbing ramp 47 cm
  •  Steel opening hinges
  •  Thermo-shrinkable plastic package

  •  Sveltbag tool-holder
  •  Climbing and backside painting
  •  Minifly with 2 front castors
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