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Microlift Picking

max working height m 4,99
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 200 kg
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CE mark

Professional platform (with electro-hydraulic elevation) that is moved pushed by the operator, maximum load 200 kg (1 person), voltage 24 V

Professional platform (with electro-hydraulic elevation) that is moved pushed by the operator.
This is possible thanks to the lightness of the machine and results in a much lower price than traditional self-propelled scissor platforms.
A new middle ground between comfort and affordable price designed for various maintenance work, painting, cleaning, packing, etc..
Microlift can be used in construction sites, farms, warehouses and supermarkets, shops and offices.
Another advantage is the simplicity of the electrical and hidraulic systems that are much easier to manage, maintain, and there are fewer parts that might wear and bracke.

  •  Maximum load 200 kg (1 person)
  •  Thrust maximum allowable 20 kg
  •  Maximum tilt frame 1
  •  Wind allowable 12 m / s
  •  Weight 240 kg
  •  Weight Microlift S version (without stabilizers) 340 kg
  •  Maximum platform height 2.99 m
  •  Max working height 4.99 m
  •  Maximum platform height (without stabilizers) 1.70 m
  •  Max working height (without stabilizers) 3.70 m
  •  Minimum platform height 0.40 m
  •  Platform width 0.70 m
  •  Platform length 0.90 m
  •  Toeboard height 150 mm
  •  Railing height 1.1 m
  •  Transport height 1.75 m
  •  Transport width 0.70 m
  •  Transport length 1.00 m

Electrical circuit
  •  Voltage 24 V
  •  Motor 2.1 Kw
  •  Batteries 2 x 12V/80Ah
  •  Electronic Charger

Hydraulic circuit
  •  Maximum hydraulic pressure 120 bar
  •  Hydraulic tank 3 liters

  •  Rise time 30 s
  •  Lowering time 30 s

  •  2 wheels with brake pedal
  •  Column extruded aluminum with nylon rollers
  •  Self-closing gate by gravity
  •  Toe Safety on the entire perimeter of the platform
  •  Control panel in platform with emergency stop button
  •  Meter Charge
  •  emergency stop button mounted on the secondary
  •  Anti-slip floor with anchor point for PPE
  •  Valves over flow and pressure drop
  •  emergency lowering mechanism (manual)
  •  Chargers and batteries "heavy duty" charge high
  •  Switches between the doors and corridors and enters in the elevators
  •  Components easily accessible
  •  Valves for forklift and crane and transport lock
  •  4 outriggers with leveling screw jack to the support plate to the ground
  •  Rear anti-fingerprint
  •  Approved for indoor use
  •  Labels and manual of use and maintenance
  •  Test certificate according to the Italian and European regulations (EC)

  •  S Microlift without stabilizers, ballasted platform for maximum height of 2.99 m
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