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Aluminium Telescopic Loft ladder

standard max height 3 m
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Suitable for light duty

Anodised aluminium telescopic foldable loft ladder

The Loft 2023 retractable ladder is built in anodized aluminum with 10 steps and is adjustable for heights from 2.55 m up to a maximum ceiling height of 2.95 m and for indoor use.
It does not dirty your hands and is designed for quick assembly that can be done by anyone.
It is very light and has a wide ramp formed by 4 cm deep steps that allow you to get on and off in comfort and safety.
To open the ladder, simply pull the supplied strap connected to the release hook towards you or attach the latter with a rod with hook (optional).
In a few seconds the ladder will open up to the ground like a telescopic fishing rod thanks to the balanced thrust of its own weight.
To close it again, press 2 safety buttons positioned on the first step; pushing the ladder upwards it regroups in an instant, without effort, thanks to a system of balanced springs.
The frame and hatch are optional and only serve to close the hole from view.

N.B. The staircase MUST NOT BE WALLED!
MINILOFT has a minimum opening radius thanks to the AUTOSTEPS telescopic system.
The minimum distance from the wall must be 100 cm.

• External width of the ramp base: 45 cm
• External width of the ramp top: 43 cm
• Internal width to the uprights: 30 cm
• Non-slip rungs (thickness): 4 cm
• Step spacing: 28 cm
• Support pads: non-slip pvc
• Capacity: 150 Kg
• Adjustable for ceiling heights from 2.55m to 2.95m
• Weight: 16.6 kg
• Number of steps: 10

• 52x92 cm = height from 2.55 m to 2.65 m
• 52x100 cm = height from 2.65 to 2.80 m
• 52x110 cm = height from 2.80 to 2.95 m
• Labels and use and maintenance manual
• Test certificate according to Italian regulations
The telescopic extension ramp allows a much more comfortable opening than that of standard stairs.
The opening radius is limited to the size of the staircase.
This means that if there is not enough space to be able to install a standard retractable ladder with folding or joint, LOFT can be used instead.
Being made of aluminum, the ladder is also very light to open and close.
It is not attackable by rust and has a very attractive design.
Traditional folding ladders are cheap and easy to assemble but sacrifice comfort and stability.
The traditional articulated ladders are very stable and comfortable during the ascent but more expensive and complicated to assemble.
LOFT combines great simplicity of assembly with stability and climbing comfort that are unparalleled.
The anodizing treatment undergone by the aluminum used for LOFT allows a sliding surface between one profile and another that is perfectly smooth and sliding.
Pleasant to the touch, the anodized ladder does not dirty the user's hands and protects the ladder against atmospheric agents.
N.B .: The ladder can be assembled and used even without the purchase and assembly of the frame with hatch that serves exclusively as a closure of the hole.
The user can also build a hatch with "do it yourself".
LOFT is ultra-compact and can be assembled by anyone in minutes.
The loose pieces are only 2 springs and 6 screws.
For assembly, just fix LOFT to the slab using the screws and hook the two springs into the appropriate holes.
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