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Special solutions

Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
Suitable for heavy duty

Countless fields of application and complex requests have allowed us to consolidate our knowledge of temporary special structures in light aluminum alloy.

By proposing designs and access solutions at heights suitable for every need: from satellite platforms, to work plans for the maintenance of aircraft, boats, trains, buses, trucks.
Quickly mountable modular structures that combine standard material and special pieces.
Each structure is in accordance with and accompanied by an instruction booklet.
Special parts welding with certified TIG
After having gained 45 years of experience, a team of qualified engineers is able to support you in choosing a product suitable for every need, with an affordable quality / price ratio.
View the special structures catalogs at the bottom of this page.
Choose the chapter that best suits your needs, identify the most suitable photo and model page and send us a request for a quote to indicating the type of work you need to do and the maximum measurements.
Notify immediately if you need an inspection.
You will receive a quote in a very short time.
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