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Railway maintenance platforms

Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Suitable for heavy duty

Platforms with tool cabinet for 3 or 4 people working at the same time

Aluminum platforms with painted steel base supported by 4 castors with brakes.
The platform is sturdy and allows for 3 to 4 people to work on it at the same time.
Thus, the people on board have a large workspace that is also very stable and can comfortably carry out their tasks.
Its painted steel base has been used to locate painted steel cabinets also with a lock, in which to keep every tool necessary for the job.
The access stairs have an optimal inclination that requires no effort and are also equipped with handrails and wide 200mm deep steps.
For greater safety, the platform above also has a perimeter railing that protects operators from possible falls.
Compliant with EN14122 standard
They can be produced in other sizes depending on the job and customer needs
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