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Scaffolding Sky

m 1,31x1,51 - max height m 3,91
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Flow 1 person
It shows the number of people who can climb the structure at the same time
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
Suitable for light duty

Aluminium scaffolding for light applications

Available from May 2020
Aluminum scaffolding designed for light-duty and DIY.
It is produced in very light aluminum alloy with section 60x25x1,3 mm with knurled non-slip rungs flanged to the frames (rung section 28x28x1,2 mm).
It only takes a few minutes to assemble it and position it for work.
Suitable for artisans and DIY enthusiasts.
Painted wooden working platform with aluminum structure equipped with safety hooks for fixing to the rungs, windproof hook and trapdoor.
Equipped with 2 anti-tilt stabilizers (section 60x25x1,3 mm) which can be mounted offset from the scaffolding in order to have the scaffolding very close to the wall.
Equipped with 2 wheels ø 80 mm for comfortable movement on flat and level ground.
Equipped with 4 levelers on the base to work even in the presence of unevenness.
Equipped with wall anchoring bracket, which avoids the use of ballast.
Technical features
  •  Base dimensions: m 1,31x1,51, total weight Kg 42
  •  Max total height: m 3,91
  •  Max platform height: m 2,73
  •  Max working height m 4,73
  •  Climbing ladder width: m 0,57
  •  Transport dimensions m 0,56x0,28x2,07
  •  Useful dimensions of working platform: m 1,35x0,60
  •  Working platform: aluminium structure
    (mm 60x26)/plywood platform (mm 9)
  •  Distance between non-skid rungs: cm 30 – Rung capacity Kg 150
  •  2 wheels ø 80 + 4 adjustable levelers (8 cm)
  •  Max capacity: Kg 150
  •  Each scaffold is equipped with instruction manual and labels
  •  Thermo-shrinkable plastic package
Equipped with 2 wheels ø 80 mm and 4 adjustable levelers (8 cm).
The stabilizers are equipped with additional holes to be mounted both centrally and offset to bring the scaffolding closer to the wall.
The braces are fixed to the rungs with screws and wing nuts

The packaging takes into account the convenience of delivery of the retailer.
Each module is packed in a single package with the description and the corresponding position on the scaffolding indicated.
The retailer can thus easily locate and deliver the scaffolding without having to count and check all the pieces.
The displayed product also presents itself to facilitate the sale of the shopkeeper.
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