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Scaffolding Millenium

m 1,70x1,30 - max height 9.18 m
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 200 kg/m2
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
Suitable for light duty

Sold in modules - Compact dimensions for a max height of 9,18 m

Millenium is an aluminium tower, available in 2 models, standard and a special S with self-locking hooks certified with European standards UNI EN 1004.
Rungs and guardrails have been reinforced.
It is constructed by spans measuring 2,10 m in height and half-spans measuring 0,90 m in height, to a total maximum working height of 10,18 m.
It can be used without anchoring it to the wall up to a working height of 8,00 m (S).
When total height is over, it is mandatory to anchor the scaffold to the wall each 4,00 m.
It is suitable for maintenance and walls whitening works and it is made of lightweight aluminium tubular alloy (Ø 42 mm) with non skid knurled rungs.
Few components makes the scaffold light and very easy to be transported and can be assembled in few minutes and without using tools.
Rust cannot corrode this material and it is guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Overall dimensions module A (without base): 1,60 x 0,80 m
  • Overall dimensions module B (with base): 1,70 x 1,30 m
  • Complete working platform: 1,40 x 0,60 m (kg 13,8)
  • Kit 4 levellers (optional): 1,6 kg (0,4 kg each)
  • Levelling: from 0 cm up to 20 cm
  • Capacity: 200 kg/m² (including 2 people)
  • Non skid rung distance: 30 cm
  • Braked castors: ø 125 mm
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 5 years
  • Equipped with instruction manual and label instruction
  • All components are marked with year of production and Svelt logo.
Millenium 1,95 m (Module A):
using only 12 components (32 kg), erected in few minutes the base module can be opened at 1,95 m and is suitable for indoor use (it passes through standard doors 1,60 x 0,80 m) and allows a working height of 3,00 m.

Millenium 4,08 m (Modules A+B):
adding the end module B which includes a wider base (1,70 x 1,30 m) and toe-boards for working platform, making a total of only 24 components (52,5 kg), Millenium tower can be erected to a height of 4,08 m (total height) and a working height of 5,00 m.
Millenium 6,18 m (Modules A+B+C):
Millenium 6,18 m (Modules A+B+C): adding the intermediate module C which includes an additional working platform, making a total of 41 components (94,5 kg), Millenium tower can be erected to a height of 6,18 m and a working height of 7,18 m.

It allows the use of the tower system up to 4 meters without stabilisers.
The base widens the load bearing surface of the tower on the bottom (1,30 m) thus ensuring greater stability.
The Base is provided with a spirit level to ensure a correct usage position. Total weight of the base 9,11 Kg.

Self-locking system
Millenium S is the evolution Millenium tower system. Millenium S has horizontal handrails and diagonal braces with patented hooks for self locking.
This allows for an easy assembly of each component.
Every brace is assembled through a single movement resulting in time saving for both assembling and dismantling operations.

Hooks to block diagonal braces on rung
They ensure strong blocking of the braces to the rungs of the frames and allows an exceptio-nal stability.
By screwing tight wing nuts, the braces exercise a strong tug pre-venting the tower from bending or twisting.

Kit optional levellers
The tower base can also be provided with 4 optional levelers which allow leveling the tower system on sidewalks, uneven surfaces, gaps or drops: 20 cm of adjustment at 5 mm intervals. The weight of each leveler is 0,40 Kg.

Swivel and braked castors
Pivoting wheels with Ø 125 mm highest quality polypropylene no-mark castors with foot operating brakes.
They give maximum safety and movement of the tower is very comfortable even on rough terrain.
The weight of each braked castor is 1,9 Kg.

Working platform (1,40 x 0,60 m)
Very light and resistant, it consists of a carrying structure made of aluminium and a wooden platform.
Each working platform is provided with trapdoor, for easy access directly from the inner part of the tower, and 4 toeboards to prevent any risk of tools falling.
A windlock clip fixes the platform to the whole structure.
All components have been rigorously tested according to UNIEN1004 (class 3 - 200 kg/m²). Weights: working platform 8,7 kg end kit of 4 toeboards 5,0 kg.

Automatic folding base
Millenium Module A can be purchased with a pre-assembled rapid opening-closing base.
This base is a practical device for immediate works up to 1,95 m high (working height 3 m).
Two automatic hinges enable rapid opening and closing.
When supplied, the automatic base is also equipped with standard components.
Those components must be assembled when the base is used together with other Millenium modules to reach upper heights.
When closed it passes through standard doors.
WARNING: the automatic base cannot be used on stairs
Height: 1,95 m
Weight: 32,00 kg
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