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Scaffolding Roller S

m 1,60x0,80 - max height m 7,10
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 200 kg/m2
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
ISO 9000
It is shown on products which conform to the European Standard on welding
European Standards UNIEN 1004
It is the European Standard for ladders
Politecnico MI
It shows that the Politecnico di Milano (Applied-Science Faculty in Milan) has tested a product and certified that it conforms to UNI EN131-1-2-3-4 (ladders), UNIEN14183 (step-stools), UNIEN1004 (scaffolds)

Professional scaffolding sold in modules, resealable base, quick coupling crosspieces, light use, medium speed of assembly

Professional scaffolding consisting of a 1.96 m base module, 0.90 / 1.50 / 2.10 m intermediate modules and a 1.50 m terminal module with protection guardrails.
Maximum working height 8.00 m.
All horizontal and diagonal braces are fastened with quick-connect hooks.
It is ideal for light painting and maintenance jobs.
It is made of very light tubular aluminum alloy ø 42 mm with non-slip knurled rungs.
It is rustproof.
Base module A
  • It is pre-assembled and a simple movement is enough to open it and position it for work.
  • ROLLER S is composed of a few components that make it light, not bulky to transport and easy to assemble in a few minutes and without the need for tools.
  • Each module is complete with everything you need based on the height that the module reaches.
  • In this way the user automatically purchases all that is necessary for the European standards UNIEN1004.1..2 with maximum safety.  
Heights from m 0,96 to m 7,10
Dimensions m 1,60x0,80
Capacity  kg 200/² (including 2 operators)
4 wheels in nylon antimpronta con freno a pedale ø mm 125

  • The packaging takes into account the retailer's convenience of delivery.
  • Each module is packed in a single package indicating the description and the corresponding position on the scaffolding.
  • The retailer can thus easily locate and deliver the module corresponding to the height requested by the customer without having to code, count and check all the pieces.
  • The displayed product is also presented on its own to facilitate the sale of the shopkeeper
Standard equipment depending on the module purchased and the height
  • Module A: n. 1 foldable base (6 steps) equipped with n. 4 swivel wheels ø mm 125 with brake, n. 1 platform with trap door.
  • Module D3: n. 2 intermediate frames (3 steps) to be tied with the following accessories:
   - If A + D3: add n. 2 horizontal braces + n. 1 diagonal brace
   - If A + B + D3: add n. 1 diagonal brace
   - If A + B + C + D3: add n. 2 diagonal braces
   - If A + B + D3 + E: add n. 2 diagonal braces
  • Module B: n. 2 terminal frames (4 steps), n. 2 diagonal braces, n. 4 reinforced guardrails, n. 1 horizontal base barces, n. 1 set of 4 toe boards and (only for Roller S) 4 stabilizers.
  • Module C: n. 2 intermediate frames (7 steps), n. 2 diagonal braces, n. 4 reinforced guardrails and (only for Roller S) n. 1 platforml with trap door.
  • Module E: n. 2 intermediate frames (5 steps), n. 2 diagonal braces, n. 4 reinforced guardrails and (only for Roller S) n. 1 platforml with trap door.
  • Use and maintenance manual and certificate of compliance with current regulations Identification label
  • All components are marked with the year of manufacture and the Svelt logo as required by the European standard.
  • At 7.10 m (A + B + C + E) for the external use of ROLLER S (European standards) it is mandatory to add 2 ballasts (see accessories). Only in this case anchoring is not mandatory.
  • Warning for the purchase of modules A + B + D3: for a more comfortable / safe assembly we recommend the purchase of an optional additional platform (see Module P in the accessories)
  • To adapt the modules A / A + D3 modules to European Standards, request 4 small stabilizers (see Module S1 accessories).
  • If the platforms are used to work, they must be completed with the toe boards kit (see accessories Module F).
  • For platform heights between 1 and 2 m we recommend the purchase (optional) of at least 2 additional horizontal braces that act as guardrails (see accessories).
  • Module P: 1 platform with trap door (without toe-boards)
  • Module F: kit of 4 toe boards (2 long, 2 short).
  • Module S / S1: 4 stabilizers
  • Roller S ballast for outdoor use > 7.10 m
  • Additional diagonal braces
  • Additional horizontal braces (guardrails)
  • Optional adjustable aluminum quick anchor
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