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Scaffolding Jolly

m 2,00x1,05 - max height m 12,00
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 200 kg/m2
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
ISO 9000
It is shown on products which conform to the European Standard on welding
European Standards UNIEN 1004
It is the European Standard for ladders
Politecnico MI
It shows that the Politecnico di Milano (Applied-Science Faculty in Milan) has tested a product and certified that it conforms to UNI EN131-1-2-3-4 (ladders), UNIEN14183 (step-stools), UNIEN1004 (scaffolds)
Suitable for heavy duty

Sold in modules - Compact dimensions for a max height of 11,67 m

Jolly is a quality aluminium access modular tower system specifically designed for heavy duty use.
It is composed of spans measuring 1,80 m and reaches a maximum working height of m 12,70.
It is particularly suitable for painting, installation and maintenance.
Jolly is made of a lightweight aluminium tubular alloy (Ø 50 mm) with non-skid knurled rungs.
It has few components which are easily handled and transported and can be assembled very quickly with no need of tools.
It is long-lasting, rust-resistant and guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Overall dimensions: 2,00 x 1,05 m
  • Adjustable legs: from 0 up to 30 cm
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Complete working platform: 1,86 x 0,80 m (kg 23)
  • Capacity: kg 200/m2 (included two people)
  • Rung distance: 30 cm
  • Braked castors: ø 150 mm
  • Manufactured according to European Standards
  • Equipped with instruction manual and labels
  • All components are marked with year of production and Svelt logo.
Jolly m 1,81 (Module A)
  • Using only 8 components (56,7 Kg), Module A is ready to be assembled at 1,81 m height, and is suitable for internal use allowing a working height of 3,00 m.
  • It passes through industrial doors and can be used on stairs.
  • Overall dimensions 2,00 x 1,05 m.

Jolly 4,47 m (Modules A+B+C)
  • Adding the intermediate module C which includes 4 stabilisers and the end module B, Jolly can be assembled to a height of 4,47 m.
  • Total working height of 5,40 m (A+B+C = 24 components – 108 kg).

Jolly 6,27 m (Modules A+B+C+D)
  • The intermediate module includes an  additional complete working platform and guardrails for a working height of 7,30 m. (A+B+C+D = 36 components – 155 Kg).

Working platform (1,86 m x 0,80 m)
  • Being both very light and resistant, it consists of a carrying structure made of aluminium and a wooden platform.
  • Each working platform is provided with a trapdoor for easy access directly from the inner part of the tower and 4 toeboards to prevent any risk of tools falling.
  • A windlock clip fixes the platform to the whole structure.
  • All components have been rigorously tested and fully conform to UNIEN1004 (class 3 - kg 200/m2).
  • Weights: working platform 16,2 Kg & kit of 4 toebords 7,0 Kg.

Non-skid rungs and clips
  • Rungs are fixed to the frame tubes through quality certified welding.
  • The rung Ø 50 mm is non-skid and knurled on the whole surface area allowing for a safe contact of both hand & foot.
  • Steel clips fix each frame to the other.

Braked castors
  • Pivoting wheels with Ø 150 mm polypropylene no-mark castors with foot operating brakes.
  • Assembled with 30 cm adjustable legs, they give maximum safe-ty and ensure smooth and easy movement on even the most difficult rough terrain.
  • They conform to European Standard. Weight 5,5 kg.

Folding base (optional)
  • Jolly module A can be purchased with a pre-assembled fast-opening and closing folding base.
  • This base is a practical device for immediate work up to 1,81 m high (working height 3,00 m).
  • Two durable hinges enable rapid opening and closing of the base.
  • Standard components of the Module A supplied with the folding base must be assembled only for heights of more than 1,81 m.
  • IMPORTANT WARNING: the folding base cannot be used on stairs.

  • Jolly has been designed to allow trade distributors easy and convenient storage.
  • Each module is separately packaged as a single item, showing clearly the content and the detailed position of it in the overall tower system.
  • The distributor can immediately identify and deliver the module corresponding to the requested height without difficulty, allowing easy counting and checking of all required    
    components. The quality of Jolly is evident by visual inspection.
  • It is possible to mount Modules D (with platforms and guardrails) and E in order to reach a maximum height of 11,67 m.
  • The tower’s frames can safely be used as ladders for climbing (rung distance 30 cm).
The video shows the assembly of a TEMPO TECH scaffolding which is identical to the assembly system of the Jolly scaffolding.
Tempo Tech and Jolly differ in fact in the
dimensions and number of accessories available but not in the assembling system.
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