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Loading Ramps

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Aluminium – Capacities from 600 to 9000 kg

They are made of an aluminium alloy and can load up to 9500 Kg. Suitable for aerial platforms, fork-lifts and other machinery to be loaded on trucks.
They are equipped with special hooks that lock the ramps to the trucks.
They are not suitable for tracks (ask for the optional ones for tracks).
The loading capacity is calcula¬ted by considering the vehicle minimum wheelbase as 1400 mm (1000 mm for models AL, BL, CL, DL, EL 1000 mm).
Standard ramps are not suitable for the use of tracked vehicles. Ask for quotation for ramps with rubber inserts for tracked vehicles.
N.B. The optional rubber inserts cannot be mounted on ramps already delivered.
Ramps must be ordered with the optional rubber inserts already mounted. 
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