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Light loading ramps

m 1,50-2,00-2,50-3,00
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Light aluminium loading ramps suitable for loading and unloading of small vehicles

 The new light aluminium loading ramps integrate our wide range of heavy duty ramps. The new profile with height 35 mm allows to manufacture a series of very light ramps suitable for loading and unloading of small vehicles.
Non-skid ashlaring allows maximum adherence to vehicles.
Light ramps with length 1.5, 2 or 2.5 meters can be loaded on small vehicles and can be easily transported. 
They are perfect for motorbikes, campers, vans, hobbies, gardening, sweepers, building industry.

• Structure in reinforced extruded aluminium
• Ramp tail with triangular profile to make climbing of vehicle easy
• Ramp head with hole in the center to fix the ramp to the vehicle
• Platform in ashlared non-skid aluminium

CAPACITY with concentrated load: it means with a load placed only in one point
CAPACITY wheel distance : it means the distance between the 2 axles of the wheels (50, 75, or 100 cm)
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