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Scalissima Plus with outriggers

max height m 6,25
EN131/4 2020
Producted in compliance with the new revision of the European Standard for multi-position transformable ladders with hinges in force from October 2020
This product has successfully passed the test of the German quality control body TÜV according to the European Standard on ladders
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
ISO 9000
It is shown on products which conform to the European Standard on welding
Suitable for heavy duty

Extra-strong telescopic multipurposer ladder with base outriggers according to EN131/4

Telescopic top quality ribbed aluminium 3-in-1 ladder with new 2022 base outriggers especially designed to have more space under the first rungs.
It has reinforced profiles for better resistance to meet European Standards up to 12 rungs.
It can be used as a stepladder, lean-to wall ladder and on stairs.
Quick positioning of the hinges allows:
  •  opening and closing as a step-ladder without modifying hinge position
  •  blocking ladder when used as a stepladder modifying hinge position
  •  opening/closing the ladder for use against walls by modifying hinge position

  •  Non-skid flanged rungs 27x27 mm
  •  Inner profile 63x27 mm
  •  Outer profile 70x31 mm
  •  Distance between rungs 28 cm
  •  Capacity 150 kg
  •  Inner ramp width 36,5 cm
  •  No. of rungs: 8 to 12
  •  Stepladder height: m 1,90 to m 2,94
  •  Height leant to a wall: m 4,02 to m 6,25
  •  Base width with outriggers (8 steps ladders) mm 844
  •  Base width with outriggers (10/12) steps ladders mm 1038

  •  Non-skid reinforced rubber feet
  •  Quick positioning of the hinges allows
  •  Steel safety blocking hooks covered in nylon
  •  Aluminium hinge knobs
  •  Label and instructions for assembly and use
  •  Thermo-shrinkable plastic package with showcard
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