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Stepstool Ikaro P

max height m 1,00
Garanzia 5 anni
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Flow 150 kg
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ISO 9000
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Suitable for heavy duty

Professional single-sided stepstool with large punture proof wheels, the user can choose the desired width and height according to his requirements, the 20 cm deep flat steps are comfortable, wide and non-slip.

Professional single-sided access stepstool

Stools for industrial maintenance and vehicle access with 2 standard wheels with a diameter of 125 mm
Series of professional stepstools for access and maintenance on vehicles, raised floors or machinery.
Very robust and resistant professional equipment designed for intensive use.
In ribbed extruded aluminum and TIG welded.
The operator can choose the width and height to suit their access needs.
The 20 cm deep flat steps are comfortable, wide and non-slip.
The 45° ascent ramp can be equipped on request with 1 or 2 side handrails.
The platform can be equipped on request with railings on 2 sides (for front landing) or on 3 sides.
The operator can get on "hands free" and get off even with the front facing the landing.
IKARO is packed in shrink wrap.
On request (see tables below)
  • Models with 2 to 5 steps (platform included) can be chosen for a platform height ranging from 40 to 100 cm from the ground.
  • The width of the ramp and platform can be requested from 60, 80 or 100 cm.
  • The landing platform depth is available from 40 or 60 cm
  • All models can be requested without railings or even with railings on all sides of the platform, with front, left or right side landing.
     (only if equipped with a 60 cm platform).
  • Each version can be requested with steps and platform in aluminum grating (for sand, lime, cement, snow, mud or other materials to drain)
  • All models up to 5 steps comply with the European Standard UNIEN14183.
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