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Telefly Light S

Maximum height m. 2.00
EN131/7 2013
Producted in compliance with the European Standard for mobile platform ladders
This product has successfully passed the test of the German quality control body TÜV according to the European Standard on ladders
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
ISO 9000
It is shown on products which conform to the European Standard on welding
Suitable for heavy duty

Telescopic and transportable ladder with 360° protection, equipped with foldable stabilizers.

Double ladder in ribbed extruded aluminum with telescopic extension equipped with platform and guardrail.
Telefly Light S is a mobile ladder with platform equipped with base stabilizers which allow the ladder to pass the anti-overturning tests imposed by the European standard UNIEN131.7 to which it complies.
It combines the features of a telescopic ladder with those of a stepladder to obtain a mix of handling, portability and safety that is impossible to find in other models.
With only 2 models it is possible to obtain 7 different working heights.
It can be used lame on stairs or slopes.
Closed it is compact, easy to transport.
The working platform is wide and comfortable.
These ladders can also be used as workstations for long periods.
  • 2 foldable base stabilizers (4 for the 5+4 model)
  • Non-slip rungs mm 27x27
  • Safety hooks in steel covered in nylon for telescopic elevation
  • Rear protection which provides 360° protection for the operator.
  • Large base (maximum stability)
  • Climbing ramp 55 cm wide
  • Steel opening hinges
  • Tool tray with 15 kg capacity
  • Strap for locking the ladder when it is closed
  • Platform lock hook
  • Packed in shrink wrap with poster
On demand:
Additional handrails:
  •      SFLYTELEC4 - cm. 120 (4+3 steps)
  •      SFLYTELEC6 - cm. 180 (6+4 steps)
Codes Steps n. Platform height min. m Platform height max. m Working height max m Base dimensions cm Weight Kg Height when folded m
SFLYTL204+3 4+3 1,00 1,52 3,50 80x160 20,5 2,15
SFLYTL305+4 5+4 1,52 2,00 4,00 80x217 30,5 2,73
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