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Castellana Maxi 4WD

Max height m 3,30
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
ISO 9000
It is shown on products which conform to the European Standard on welding
Suitable for heavy duty

One-sided stepladder with reinforced steps, wheels and 4WD

Aluminium stepladder with reinfor¬ced platform, guardrail and handrail. It is particularly suitable for heavy duty. Each step is firmly welded to the frame.

The front side is wide and easy to climb and it is strongly inclined (55°), so that climbing becomes easier thanks to both the non-skid reinforced steps (20-cm wide with a distance of 23 cm one from the other) and to the large handrail. The back of the ladder is perpen¬dicular to the ground, allowing the user to approach a wall or a shelf front onwards.

The braking system is not automatic.

• Non-skid steps 20 cm
• Distance between steps 23 cm
• Capacity 200 kg (one person)
• Frame profile 200x30 mm
• Guardrail height 100 cm
• Toeboard height 15 cm
• Front width 60 cm
• Front part inclination 55°
• Large platform 53x92 cm
• No. of rungs: 4 to 14
• Platform height: 1,00 m to 3,90 m

• Kit of 4 pivoting wheels Ø 100 mm with brake
• Reinforced anti-opening/closure arms
• Tool-tray with capacity 15 kg
• Ribbed frame and supports under the longest steps
• Ergonomic reinforced non-skid rubber feet
• Label and instructions for assembly and use
• Thermo-shrinkable plastic package with showcard

On request:
• Protection chain
• Short stabiliser (95 cm long) for use in narrow corridors
• Folding ladder with hinges
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