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Record fiberglass stool

Altezza di lavoro m 2,64
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
European Standards EN 14183
It is the European Standard for ladders
Suitable for heavy duty

Fully equipped folding stool in dielectric fibreglass

New Version of the RECORD stool in fiberglass for operators who work in the presence of electrical cables.
This folding stool was designed with professionals in mind, offering a compact and lightweight solution without sacrificing sturdiness.
Compact and lightweight design:
The RECORD FIBERGLASS stool has a compact design that makes it the ideal tool for jobs that don't require a large stool.
Its lightweight structure makes it easy to transport and store, ensuring comfort with every use.
Stability and safety:
With large non-slip steps, it guarantees safe ascent and descent in any environment.
Folding bodyguard with tool tray:
The folding body guard, with a height of 65 cm, adds an additional level of safety, offering additional support at height.
In the upper part of the bodyguard there is a tool holder to make work more comfortable.
Furthermore, being foldable, it does not take up space when storing the stool or transporting it.
Perfect for electricians and electrical installers:
The RECORD fiberglass stool is the essential tool for the efficiency and productivity of electricians and installers who seek a balance between practicality and safety.
  •      No. of steps: 3
  •      Last step height 66 cm
  •      Working height (hand held) 266 cm
  •      Closed height 66 cm
  •      Step width 21.59 cm
  •      Weight 8.16 kg
  •      Step distance 24 cm
  •      Foldable body guard 65 cm
  •      Non-slip PVC feet with 6x8 cm floor support
  •      Tool tray-bucket holder
  •      Labels and use and maintenance manual
  •      Cardboard packaging
  •      Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations UNIEN14183
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