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E3 combination ladder

Max heigh m 11,90
This product has successfully passed the test of the German quality control body TÜV according to the European Standard on ladders
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
European Standards EN 131
It is the European Standard for ladders
Suitable for heavy duty

Combination ladder in 3 sections, A frame and lean on the wall positions available. Extension wheels, base stabilizer, fixed straps to prevent accidental opening

The Euro Series is built in ribbed aluminium, in compliance with EN131 standards and tested by the German TÜV.
It is the medium-high range series with excellent equipment, comfort and sizing.
Euro 2 is a series of transformable ladders in extruded ribbed aluminum for professional use built with an advanced automatic edge-wrapping system that permanently fixes the steps to the uprights with a "sandwich" effect.
With 2 sections that can be used leaning to the wall and in A frame position.
It is available in the manual version or with rope (E3F).
  • Base stabilizer
  • Keys for assembling the stabilizer
  • Internal nylon reinforcement in the stabilizer seat
  • Accidental anti-opening straps
  • Scroll wheels
  • Opening hinges in aluminum (clamshell casting)
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Accidental anti-unthreading device
  • Anti-thread cap beyond the safety height
  • Labels and use and maintenance manual
  • Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations
Also available with rope for extension use only. E3F with rope cannot be used in A frame position.

Available also in fiberglass FIBERGLASS V3
number for each  section
Closed height
A frame height
Leaning height
SCE3000 3x06 1.8 1.7 4.1 57x27 12.0
SCE3005 3x07 2.1 2.0 4.9 57x27 13.5
SCE3R010 3x08R 2.4 2.3 5.75 67x27 17.5
SCE30020 3x10 3.0 2.9 6.85 67x27 20.5
SCE3R020 3x10R 3.0 2.9 7.45 84x27 22.5
SCE30030 3x12 3.5 3.4 8.55 84x27 26.5
SCE3R030 3x12R 3.5 3.4 9.1 100x27 28.5
SCE30040 3x14 4.1 4.0 10.2 100x27 32.5
SCE30050 3x16 4.6 4.5 11.9 115x27 40.0
I modelli da 3x14 e 3x16 pioli sono reperibili solo presso i RIVENDITORI AUTORIZZATI


  • Kit 2 safety belt::
code                   model
CONFSCINT0032     E 3X6
CONFSCINT0034     E 3X7
CONFSCINT0038     E 3X8 R
CONFSCINT0020     E 3X10
CONFSCINT0042     E 3X10 R
CONFSCINT0040     E 3X12
CONFSCINT0046     E 3X12 R
CONFSCINT0024     E 3X14
    E 3X16
model            code               code screws
EURO 3X6 GR     SALLAR34                   SALLARV070
EURO 3X7 GR     SALLAR34                   SALLARV070
EURO 3X8R GR   SALLAR34                   SALLARV080
EURO 3X10 GR    SALLAR36                   SALLARV080
EURO 3X10R GR  SALLAR36                   SALLARV100
EURO 3X12 GR    SALLAR37                   SALLARV100
EURO 3X12R GR  SALLAR37                   SALLARV120
EURO 3X14 GR    SALLAR37                   SALLARV120
EURO 3X16 GR    SALLAR37                   SALLARV130
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