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Electric Stairclimber Superlift

Load capacity kg 80 (used by only 1 person)
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
CE mark


Accidents at work are numerous and, in addition to victims, they have considerable repercussions for the companies involved.
One of the most affected areas is transport.
It is very easy to get hurt while transporting a washing machine, a fridge or, worse, a locker or a safe on a stair.
These are heavy loads, bulky and especially dangerous for themselves and their employees, as well as for anyone in the neighbourhood.
Occupational diseases are also increasing.
Back pain or muscle tearing could become chronic with consequences for the worker and the company.
Electric Stairclimber is the means to work safely with a low investment.
Steel heavy-duty electric handtruck designed to carry heavy and bulky loads on stairs.
  • Ideal for appliances and stoves.
  • Tilting platform for bulkier loads.
  • Gripping and lifting handle.
  • Ergonomic button controls.

  •  Star wheels Ø 150 mm
  •  Iron hub and ball bearings
  •  Structure made of strong welded tubulars Ø 25 mm
  •  3 watertight batteries: each 12 V (36 V) - 7,0 Ah
  •  Battery charger: automatic
  •  Charging time: about 4 hours
  •  Performance: around 40 minutes without any load (1000 steps)
  •  Speed: around 24 steps/minute without any load
  •  Engine 250 W
  •  Max step height 18 cm
  •  Standard platform width 14 cm
  •  Steps/minute 20
  •  Load capacity: Kg 80 (Used by only one person)
  •  Load capacity 150 Kg (Used by 2 people at the same time)

It can be tilted to allow an increased loading surface (520x330 mm)

Ergonomic, easy to use and understand it allows the operator to control the stairclimber just with thumbs keeping the handle firmly
with hands.
An indicator shows the charging level.
The switch is equipped by 2 keys to prevent the use of unauthorized personnel.

It can be used for bulky loads or picking.
The handtruckt is perfectly horizontal leaning on the handlebars.

  •  Ideal also for narrow stairs.
  •  It is not too heavy (Kg 45).
  •  It works and climb stairs with any weather, without slipping in case of moisture (non-slip wheels).
  •  The load is balanced evenly so it does not ruin edges
  •  It can be used by only one operator up to 80 Kg
  •  Strong and resistant
  •  It can be transported by car (station wagon)
  •  Perfectly ergonomic for the operator
  •  Excellent value for money
  •  Packaging: carton box on a special pallet cm 40x14x12
Just plug in the charger and in 4 hours the handtruck is ready for use with the maximum charge.

On flat ground, it is possible to tilt the Stairclimber with the controls, as it is more convenient for the operator.
The controls also facilitate the override for cargo transport.
Instruction and maintenance manual contains all the necessary instructions that the user is required to read and follow carefully.
If the user fails to follow the instructions in the manual or ignores the warnings, our company will not be held liable for the possible consequences
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