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Lift Light Stair Climber

Capacity Kg 120
Garanzia 5 anni
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Suitable for heavy duty

Lightweight aluminum stair climbing handtruck. Wheels with iron hub and reinforced plates

Professional aluminum handtruck.
Ideal for use in the presence of bleachers or stairs that can be easily overcome by means of the 6 rotating wheels.
Six solid rubber wheels ø 150 mm.
The structure is made up of sturdy welded tubes.
Equipped with an oversized platform.
Internal frame reinforcements in tubular.
Equipped with ergonomic handles for lifting.
Wheels punture-proof/steel hub,  ø mm 150x40
Structure reinforced frame
Platform larger
Dimensions width mm 500x hight mm 1110
Weight Kg 11,5
Lengh of the platform mm 280
  • The safety and scope of this product have been tested and verified by the manufacturer.
  • The structure is designed for professional use.
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