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Electric Heavy Duty Stairclimber Handtruck

Capacity max Kg. 160
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
CE mark
Suitable for heavy duty

Professional electric stairclimber handtruck with star wheels, ergonomic, with accessories for household appliances, fixtures and doors.

Professional electric stairclimber for the transport of bulky and heavy loads on all types of stairs
Accidents at work are always numerous and in addition to the victims they also cause significant repercussions for the companies involved.
One of the most affected sectors is transport.
It is very easy to get hurt when transporting a washing machine, a refrigerator or, even worse, a wardrobe or a safe up a ladder.
These are heavy, bulky and above all dangerous loads for you and your employees, as well as for anyone nearby.
Occupational diseases are also on the rise.
Back pain or a strain could become chronic with consequences for the worker and the company.
The Svelt Industrial Electric Stair Climber is the means that allows you to work safely with a very low investment.
Our electric stair climbers definitively solve stair transport problems once and for all.
Doing manual labor doesn't mean you have to break your back or put yourself in danger.
If you don't want to do it for professionalism, do it for yourself.
Stair climber with star wheels designed, built and tested in Italy for moving bulky and heavy loads on fixed ladders of any kind.
Thanks to its small dimensions and narrow curve radius, it allows goods weighing up to 160 kg to be mounted on ladders.
Made in compliance with the Machinery Directive and with CE mark.
More than 10,000 machines are present on the market demonstrating great product reliability.
  •      Appliance retailers
  •      Installers of armored doors, doors and windows
  •      Couriers carrying heavy goods
  •      Vending machine and heavy cabinet dealers
  •      Operators who have to mount heavy goods on ladders

  •      Load and secure the weight with the supplied strap
  •      Press the up or down button
  •      Accompany the action of the trolley with minimal effort even by just one person
  •      It does all the trucking both up and down (no need to push, pull or hold)
  •      The central control unit keeps the travel speed constant regardless of the weight transported
  •      The traction system is electronic and by means of an electric motor it is transferred to the star wheels which rotate going up/down the ladder
  •      It can be used on straight, spiral and goosefoot staircases.

  •      Transmission with toothed belt and reducer with hardened and casehardened steel gears.
  •      Electric travel controls positioned on the driving handles (up/down)
  •      Telescopic and height-adjustable guide handles
  •      On/off button
  •      Top quality anti-fingerprint star wheels. Not too elastic to avoid the rebound effect and not too hard to avoid damaging the floors.
  •      Tip that allows the horizontal position for the load
  •      Front wheels that reduce the curve radius even further

  •      Automatic safety device: intervenes in the event of the transmission belt breaking, blocking the movement of the wheels
  •      Negative electromagnetic brake with automatic activation
  •      Tilt sensor. It blocks the descent if the inclination is too low and the probability of overturning exceeds the permitted limit.
  •      Step sensor present. Stop the descent if you feel an excessive vacuum below the wheel.

  •      Minimum height: 110 cm (handles completely closed) for transporting low products
  •      Maximum height: 220 cm (handles fully open) for transporting cabinets or tall products
  •      Width: 56 cm
  •      Maximum step height that can be overcome: 20 cm
  •      Minimum step height that can be overcome: 4 cm
  •      Minimum step depth that can be overcome: 15 cm
  •      Total weight: 48kg
  •      Maximum climbing speed: 4 seconds per step
  •      12 V - 33 Ah battery
  •      Battery autonomy with continuous climbing and maximum range: 3000 steps
  •      Electronic battery charger 230VAC/50Hz 0.5A.
  •      Motor power: 12 V DC 150W
  •      Transport dimensions: 110x56 cm

  •       160 kg

  •      Additional chassis with lifting platform with manual crank winch for balanced transport of washing machines and heavy, low loads.
  •     The frame can be assembled in 10 minutes. It is used to raise the center of gravity of low and heavy loads to facilitate transport on stairs, reducing the tipping effect.  
  • Frame for the transport of armored doors, doors and windows
  • Ladder for loading and unloading from vehicles
  • Compact model with high center of gravity to facilitate transport on stairs, reducing the tipping effect of low and heavy loads (bags of cement, washing machines, etc.)
  • Safety strap for securing loads. It is sewn to the appropriate hooks on the frame.
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