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Bench Worker

Capacity maxi 150 Kg
Warranty 2 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Suitable for heavy duty


Produced in aluminium with steel and PVC inserts, it is a revolutionary bench, which turns into a platform and 2 kinds of hand-trucks. It is suitable for people who want a versatile product both for professional and DIY.
A unique product to carry and keep at home or on a van for many uses, which allows saving money and time.

Worker is transformable thanks to an ingenious telescopic system with buttons and arms. In few seconds, it can be turned into a multipurpose hand-truck, useful for bringing the equipment from the van to work.
4 pivoting wheels (2 braked castors) allow a comfortable moving on leveled ground. Inserting a rope in the suitable slot, the flat handtruck can be pulled to carry voluminous material.
Bench: main faction with an ergonomic height of 80 cm, removable wooden platform that graphically illustrates cutting corners and graduated meter to help the user to measure and cut materials.
  • Worker used as bench equipped with wooden multipurpose graduated platform
  • Worker can also be used to work on stairs and if there are obstacles.
  • Worker used as non-skid platform with height 58 cm. it is in reinforced plastic and open to drop to the ground sand, cement, lime, paint and other materials might be used.

Plate for hammering (A): at the end of the bench, a steel plate allows to hammer without damaging the bench.


Differentiated containers (B): in the last part of the bench, there is a tool-holder with many containers and holes for screws, bolts, screwdrivers, saw, and hammer to have everything readily available without anything falling to the ground


Groove for pipes (C): there is also a groove designed to insert pipes and cut them easily.


SOCKETS: in the front side, 3 sockets allows using power tools. 250 V 15 Ah max.


  •  Bench dimensions 113x47 cm
  •  Stowed dimensions 113x58x7,5 cm
  •  Package dimensions 117x61x10,5 cm
  •  Platform height 58 and 80 cm
  •  Max capacity (bench) 150 kg
  •  Max capacity (platform) 150 kg
  •  Max capacity (hand-truck) 100 kg
  •  Sockets 250 V 15 Ah max
  •  Wight 17 kg
The manual contains all necessary instructions that the user must read, comprehend and follow with attention.
If the user does not follow the instructions
given in the manual, or they ignore the warnings, our company will not be responsible for the consequences that may ensue.
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