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Casa plus

Working height max m 3,68
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
European Standards EN 131
It is the European Standard for ladders
Ecoline brand name is the right answer to a rising demand for ladders and scaffoldings for both domestic and DIY use. Ecoline series respects all the safety requirements according to the laws in force
Suitable for light duty

Single sided aluminium stepladder - MADE IN ITALY

Single side stepladder with platform and guardrail.
In aluminum, ideal for domestic use and it is built by riveting the steps to the stiles obtaining a resistant and stable climbing ramp.
Accidental opening is prevented by two safety belts starting from 5 steps.
Produced according to the European standard EN131.
Numero gradini da 3 a 8
Altezza piattaforma da m 0,57 a m 1,68
Altezza chiusa da m 1,26 a m 2,44
Altezza lavoro max da m 2,57 a m 3,68
Spessore chiusa cm 12
Distanza gradini cm 22
  • Ramp profile 40x20x1,25 mm
  • Back frame profile mm 35x20x1,25
  • Ergonomic feet in non-slip PVC
  • 2 anti-opening safety straps starting from 5 steps
  • Guardrail height 60 cm
  • Labels and user manual
  • Shrink packaging with poster
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