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Aluminium Boxes Class D (top quality)

Garanzia 5 anni
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Suitable for heavy duty

from 29 to 455 liters capacity - aluminium thickness 1/1,5 mm

Sturdy series of transport boxes made of 1 mm aluminium plate specially for permanent use by tradesmen.
These boxes have strong stacking corners to allow them to be stacked and transported safely without taking up lots of space.


• Volumes: 29, 47, 76, 91, 140,157, 163, 240, 400, 415 or 455 litres
• Made of 1.0 mm thick aluminium
  D 400: bottom and top made of 1.2 mm thick aluminium. corpus 1 mm
  D 455: made of 1.5 mm thick aluminium, bottom and corpus 1 mm
• Extremely strong due to the use of large aluminium sections for further reinforcing the 1 mm aluminium plate
• Lightweight, strong and with a stable shape due to surrounding beads and corner reinforcements
• The bases and covers on types D 163, D 400, D 415 and D 455 are reinforced with additional aluminium sections
• Very strong cover with special straps to prevent the hinges being torn off
• Resistant to corrosion, weather and temperature
• Nylon stacking corners, for temperatures from -40°C to +180°C
• Folding safety handles, plastic-coated for each transport
• Sturdy lever fastener with holes for a padlock or seal and prepared for the installation of cylinder locks
• Sturdy lever fastener with holes for a padlock or seal and prepared for the installation of cylinder locks

Safety folding handles
The strong folding safety handles are coated with plastic so that they are gentle on your hands – PAK-approved.

Surrounding rubber seal and hinges
The surrounding rubber seal protects the content from dust and splashed water.
Two straps prevent the hinges being torn off.

Resistant to corrosion, weather and temperature
The high quality aluminium casing protects the content from moisture, heat and cold.

Sturdy stacking corners
The D Series boxes have four sturdy stacking corners made of nylon/polyester. They are suitable for a temperature from -40°C to +180°C.

Lever fastener
Sturdy lever fastener with holes for a padlock or seal and prepared for the installation of cylinder locks.

Cylinder lock (accessory)
The cylinder lock with two synchronous or asynchronous keys can be retrofitted easily. Simply remove the prepunched areas in the fastener, insert the lock and secure it with the fork spring – that's all there is to it.

Transport trolley
This practical transport trolley with two large steering wheels and two fixed wheels makes your aluminium box mobile. It can be assembled quickly and easily and the push bar is removable. The raised frame and securing strips on the base on the trolley allow boxes of different sizes to be secured. The painted sheet steel makes the trolley robust and weather-resistant. Suitable for box series B, C and D from 29 to 90/91 litres and U series from 28-80 litres.

Wheel kit
Easy assembly kit with large plastic wheels for easy transport. Two holes with diameters of 8.5 mm must be drilled for assembly.

Cube foam transport protection
Our aluminium boxes can be fitted with individually adjustable and prepunched foam cubes to protect sensitive and fragile goods such as glass, measuring instruments, photographic equipment or electronic components.
The sets comprise 3 or 6 cube foam panels, one base plate each and a studded foam section for the cover.
Suitable for boxes B 29, B 47 and series C and D in sizes 29, 47 and 76 litres.

Partition set
Affix the guide rails and insert the partitions for perfect order in your box.
This partition set consists of self-adhesive guide rails and four alloy partitions. The partitions can be adjusted in 50 mm intervals where necessary.
Suitable for boxes in series B, C and D in sizes 47 and 90/91 litres.


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