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Double platform for trains access

Garanzia 5 anni
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Flow 200 kg
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Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
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CE mark
Suitable for heavy duty

Double adjustable telescopic platform sliding on wheels

Produced in ultra-resistant aluminum, it is ideal for working on the side, and on the roof of trains and rail cars.
For maintenance or production.
Hydropneumatic elevation with manual or electric pump.
Customized width and length
Steel frame with 4 solid wheels with brake.
4 telescopic levellers.
Railing with free side towards the roof to be able to work / disembark comfortably on the train.
Optional cantilever railing on the roof of the train.
Optional telescopic slides allow you to adapt the platform to the shape of the train so as not to leave free space where the operator can fall.
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