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Max height 12,0 m
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 120 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
CE mark

Transportable vertical aerial platform – Max height 12,0 m

PID personnel lift provides a safe, efficient means of working at height in restricted spaces typically encountered in offices, retail stores, hotels, public buildings or crowded industrial aisles.
Its compact size also makes it ideal for applications such as stock picking and record storage retrieval. Operators simply step onto the platform and elevates to the desired height. When the job is complete, the lift can be quickly lowered and returned to a convenient storage area Mast is mounted on auto-lubricating nylon rollers and this system allows also a better stability even when weather conditions are too cold or on the contrary to warm.

Type-testing for both indoor and outdoor use
Controls and emergency stop both on platform and chassis
Key for total machine blocking
Chains allow a high level of security
Double chromium plated and precombustion chamber for oil recovery
Device for immediate blocking in case of mechanical problems
Aluminium strong lifting device with controlled flexion
Emergency lowering valve
Points of loading make transport by forklift easier
Non marking tyres protect floor finishing
Rear wheels are fixed and equipped with blocking device
Tilting rear wheels
Power source: Engine 12 V A/C 220 V, 50 Hz, 0,75 Kw
Steel outriggers with ergonomic and useful screw jacks
Capacity: 1 person

Power source/air source on the platform
PID self propelled unit (PID10S)
PID Special without outriggers (more compact)
PID non deflagrating unit (pneumatic system)

Description                                  PID7  PID8  PID10  PID12
Working height                      m    7,00   8,41    9,8      12
Platform height                      m    5,00   6,41    7,8      10
Capacity                                kg    120    120   120      120
Stowed height                        m    1,98  1,98   1,98     2,38
Platform min height (closed) cm     70      70     70       70
Stowed length                         m    1,28  1,28  1,28    1,28
Stowed width                         mm    0,80  0,80  0,80   0,80
Platform dimensions               m              0,65x0,65
Overall dimensions
( with outriggers m)                 m      1,60X1,40       1,80X1,60
Rinsing speed                     m/sec    0,20  0,20  0,20  0,20
Tilting wheels diameter           mm     125  125   125   125
Back wheels diameter             mm      200  200  200  200
AC motor                                                  220V/50
Weight without outriggers         kg     290  325  360  400
Weight with outriggers              kg     330  365  400  400
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