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Microlift ZXP with outreach platform

Working hight m 4,99
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 120 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
CE mark
Suitable for heavy duty

Ultra-compact vertical push platform with 100 cm outreach basket, max platform height m 2.99, max working height 4.99 m

Aerial platform with vertical extension.
We wanted to increase our range of products by offering the possibility of overhanging work up to 100 cm from the edge of the chassis on the ground of the machine while maintaining extremely small dimensions that make it easily transportable on small vans thanks to its extremely low weight.
The version has a hydraulic reach which electrically carries the cantilever basket up to 1 meter.
Offering a maximum working height of 5 meters and an extremely easy handling, these platforms are suitable for maintenance work in companies, offices, warehouses and supermarkets while the 24 V battery operation allows them to be used even in environments without electricity supply, offering a high autonomy.
Among the standard features on the Microlift series aerial platforms we can find the electronic battery charger incorporated in the base frame, indicator of residual battery charge on the work surface, high sliding nylon wheels and a large aluminum work surface.
These solutions have been specifically designed to allow the operator to work comfortably without having to protrude from the work surface.
The extruded aluminum lifting column, designed directly by our company, also gives the maximum working height safety and stability while always keeping the necessary maintenance to a minimum.

Weight and capacity
  • Maximum capacity 120 kg (1 person)
  • Maximum admissible thrust kg 20
  • Maximum chassis inclination 1 °
  • Permissible wind 12 m / s
  • Weight 375 kg

  • Max platform height m 2.99
  • Max working height 4.99 m
  • Minimum platform height 0.40 m
  • Total width 0.70 m
  • Total length 1.10 m
  • Toe height 150 mm
  • Guardrail height 1.1 m
  • Height closed 1.75 m
  • Transport width 0.70 m
  • Transport length 1.10 m
  • Basket outreach 100 cm
  • Platform dimensions 88x60 cm

Electrical data
  • Voltage 24 V
  • Motor 2.1 Kw
  • Batteries 2 X 12v / 80ah
  • Electronic battery charger

Hydraulic data
  • Max hydraulic pressure 120 bar
  • Hydraulic tank 3 liters

Standard features
  • Rise time 30 s
  • Descent time 30 s
  • Platform with electrically controlled cantilever output
  • Cantilever cylinder
  • 2 Wheels with pedal parking brake
  • Column in extruded aluminum with nylon rollers
  • Self closing gate by gravity
  • Safety toe on the entire perimeter of the platform
  • Platform control panel with emergency lock button
  • Charge meter
  • Secondary emergency lock button mounted on the base
  • Non-slip walking surface equipped with anchor point for PPE
  • Over flow and pressure loss valves
  • Emergency lowering mechanism (manual)
  • High charge heavy duty battery chargers and batteries
  • Go through doors and corridors and enter elevators
  • Easy to access components
  • Pick-up points for forklift and crane and locking for transport
  • Anti-fingerprint wheels
  • Approved for internal use
  • Labels and user and maintenance manual
  • Test certificate according to Italian and European regulations (CE)
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