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Anti-slip blocking rubber leveling system for any kind of ladder

Safety on ladders is paramount. Laddermat are suppliers of essential accessories for decorators, shop fitters, window installers, window cleaners and DIY users who care about their property and ladder safety.

A window cleaner who knows the risks associated with ladders invented this product. Ladders can be a problem on sloping or uneven ground. How do you climb up to clean windows, clear gutters, or paint without toppling to one side? Or on a smooth surface, how do you stop the ladder feet from sliding away from the wall? Or sinking into soft ground?

Laddermat can provide the solution to all of these.

Four mats, made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules, are linked by a sturdy metal loop and offer adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under the ladder foot needing extra height. Or can be put under both feet to reduce the risk of slipping or sinking into soft ground.

Each mat 24 x 17cm (9” x 6.5”). Maximum extra height 6.5cm (2.5”).
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