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12 June 2024

SPECIAL PLATFORM LADDERS for Eurofighter Typhoon

Special platform ladders tailor-made for the Spanish Air Force

SPECIAL PLATFORM LADDERS for Eurofighter Typhoon
SPECIAL PLATFORM LADDERS for Eurofighter Typhoon
Type of aircraft: Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft
Description of the 3 PLATFORM LADDERS provided for tail, nose and fuselage maintenance:
  • Safe and lightweight solution for flexible working: comfortable access, superior safety perimeter railing
  • Easy to move thanks to the Ø 160 mm wheels with built-in brakes.
  • R10 aluminum or R12 tramex steps
  • Upper perimeter railing along the entire perimeter with a height of 1100 mm in compliance with the EN 14122 standard for access to machinery.
  • 45º or 60º access ladder for safe access, regardless of platform height.
  • Width of the steps chosen by the customer.
  • Possibility of different heights, always with a safety perimeter.
  • Platform length up to 6 meters.
  • Possibility of cantilever and counterweights.
  • Configurable handrail (folding, telescopic, etc.).
  • Front and side access doors.
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 14122.
  • 10 year warranty on replacement of elements.
Technical characteristics of aircraft access:
Fighter aircraft maintenance equipment.
  • Wing access equipment:
Provision of 2 wing access ladders, with forward projection for direct access over the aircraft fuselage.
Ladder equipped with ground support spindles to promote the stability of the entire group both during access and descent.
  • Access equipment for the pilot:
Supply of 2 pilot access ladders, with a front overhang that follows the profile of the aircraft, to be able to directly access the interior and at the same time carry out maintenance operations on the side of the fuselage.
Ladder with ground support spindles to facilitate the stability of the entire group both when accessing and descending.
Special trapezoidal cut platform to avoid impact with the plane's flaps.
Another feather in the cap of the "special" customers that Svelt counts among its faithful users.
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