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OPTIMA self-levelling stariway

Warranty 5 years
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Flow 150 kg
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It fits to different exit heights in construction sites, on machinery and covers

Single-sided ladder with large steps, which fits to different exit heights in construction
sites, on machinery and covers.
Made in extruded reinforced aluminium with self-levelling steps. It is suitable
to access different levels in construction sites with excellent stability both on
the ground and to the exit point.

It is equipped with left and right handrail and guardrail
to protect the operator during climbing and
descending that, up to a slope of 45°, can be hands-
free and facing the ladder. The PVC non-skid
adjustable feet adapt to the ground and grant great

According to the height of the exit point, the climbing
ramp angle changes, always keeping the steps
in a horizontal position.
Lower parts on the ground on both levels have holes
to allow the user to secure the ladder to prevent
accidental movements.

• Non-skid adjustable feet adaptable to the ground
• The support plates can be dowelled at the ends to fix the ladder to the ground
• Rustproof stainless steel screws
• Safety anti-opening device (screw knob)
• Standard width mm 600 (other widths on demand)
• Non-skid knurled steps mm 60x30x2
• Left and right handrails m 1,00
• Use and maintenance manual

Designed also for walkway on roofs and sloped roofing, to access
vehicles, trailers, load floors and flaps (if equipped with suitable
hooks). Minimum height is mm 1200 and the successive ones are
multiples of mm 300.
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