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Ladder Ikaro PP

max height m 2,00
Warranty 5 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
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ISO 9000
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Suitable for heavy duty

Professional single-sided stepladders suitable to access and maintain machineries, vehicles or loading platforms with 4 anti-fingerprint wheels diameter 150 mm with brake

Professional single-sided stepladders suitable to access and maintain machineries, vehicles or loading platforms.
The ladder is equipped with 4 wheels with brake Ø 150 mm to be pushed by the operator in all directions on level ground, without having to lift it from the ground.
Ikaro is a series of heavy duty access equipments made of high performance extruded ribbed aluminium welded with TIG system.
The user can choose the desired width and height according to his requirements.
The non-skid flat steps are comfortable and large.
It is easy to mount thanks to the inclination of 45° of the climbing ramp and to the optional handrails.
Ikaro is foldable and packed in thermo-shrinkable plastic.
The operator can choose the width and height suitable for their access needs.
The 20 cm deep flat steps are comfortable, wide and non-slip.
The platform can be equipped on request with railings on 2 sides (for front landing) or on 3 sides.
The operator can go up with "hands free" and go down even with the front facing the landing.
IKARO is packed in shrink wrap.
On demand
  • IKARO PP can be customized and supplied exactly with the characteristics that each customer requires.
  • The width of the ramp and platform can be from 60, 80 or 100 cm.     
  • The depth of the top step is available from 40 or 60 cm     
  • Each model can be requested with steps and platform in aluminum grid (to drain sand, lime, cement, snow, mud or other materials)
  • All models can be requested with front, left side or right side landing or without landing
N.B .: The photos show the E version with steps and platform in aluminum grid.
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