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Telescopic Platform for boilers welding

CE Material Lift
CE Material Lift
Warranty 5 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Flow 1 person
It shows the number of people who can climb the structure at the same time

Designed to weld special Boilers of different diameters

Our platform can be designed with a very long outreach (4 meters). It allow the operator to work over the boiler or similar objects very comfortably.

The chassee is in painted steel and it hold an aluminium column and an alluminium platform.
The guardrails of the platforms can be slided and opened on each side.

Height is adjustable from m 2,50 to m 6,00 (any other dimension on request)
The base structure (chassee) is made in steel, with 4 levellers. 4 wheels diam. 260 mm with brakes (use indoor).
The aluminium platform can be rised and lowered by a winch with a steel rope and safety hooks.
We can also provide the machine with fork lift holes to transport it all around the building.

The aluminium platform has a toeboard all around and guardrails with gates.

Very compact can work also in narrow space.

All dimensions can be on request.
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