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m 1,33x0,40
Warranty 3 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
European Standards EN 131
It is the European Standard for ladders
Ecoline brand name is the right answer to a rising demand for ladders and scaffoldings for both domestic and DIY use. Ecoline series respects all the safety requirements according to the laws in force

Aluminium multipurpose ladder convertible into in 5 different positions.

Aluminium multipurpose ladder suitable for domestic and DIY use. It can be completely disassembled and is very easy to assemble. It can be used in 5 positions: double sided ladder, extension ladder, standard platform, platform used on stairs and simple ladder. The base is enlarged by stabilisers which allow greater stability. It is very light and easy to move and passes through standard doors and corridors.

• Rung distance 28 cm
• Rung section 27 x 27 mm
• Inner profile 57x27 mm
• Outer profile 60x20 mm
• Working platform (40x120 cm) composed of a painted steel structure and a wooden board
• Weight Kg 15
• Capacity Kg 150

• Galvanised steel hinges for easy positioning
• Thermo-shrinkable plastic package
• Label and instructions for assembly and use

• Max platform height cm 100
• Max working height when used as platform cm 300
• Single-section ladder height cm 160
• Stepladder height cm 160
• Extended ladder height cm 270
• Section width cm 40
• Stabilizer width cm 78/91
• Platform total height cm 170

L’imballo tiene conto della comodità  di stoccaggio ed esposizione del rivenditore.
Ogni attrezzatura è imballata in termoretraibile con poster di presentazione in modo che il prodotto esposto si presenti da solo.

Optional on request:
• External antiroll over step
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