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Mezzanine T15

adjustable from 5 to 15 m2
Warranty 10 years
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Adjustable, with capacity from 200 to 600 kg/m2

The full Svelt T15 KIT features the main pieces of adjustable mezzanine. It is our leading product in the range Svelt and it is defined as versatile and adaptable to every need.

Svelt T15 Framework KIT (from 5 to 15m2) (from 5,45 to 16,35yd2)
Stair KIT (internal or outsider placement)
Handrail KIT both flanks



T15 Structure consists on a light width and length adjustable frame, four extending telescopic pillars to change the height and a high density structural board floor (verified P5). This one has horizontal siding so that get a quick installation and avoid unnecessary cuts.

The mezzanine is available in white and black, suitable for outdoor, also there are a wide variety of colors, on request and a small extra cost. All metal components are subjected to a quality painting process through a powder coating system.

Quality is one of the premises for Tecro-Star, therefore the mezzanine T15 is designed according to the Eurocodes, following European safety standards more stringent.


1.- Telescopic circular columns, telescopic beams, and connectors for junctions, made of structural steel (qualities: S275, S355). Cut by laser process, without any sharp edge. Materials are lacquered by powdered paint.

2.- Structural floor, high density waterproof interlocked wooden boards (P5 quality): 30mm thick.

3.- Fasteners (8.8 quality) and embellishments (tube caps, screw caps...)

4.- User manual.

T15 width and length can change in this way:

Length: from 225 cm (minimum) to 415 cm (maximum), each 10cm (0,40in.) (*)
Width: from 201 cm (minimum) to 361 cm (maximum), each 10cm (0,40in.) (*)
Whole height: from 173,8 cm (minimum) to 283,1 cm (maximum), each 12cm (0,47in.)
Frame thickness: 23cm (beam height: 20cm + wooden board height 3cm)
The load capacity of T15 Tecro-Star frame may change from 200 to 600kg/m2 in order to the length of beams and strips.

(*) The surface of wooden boards given is bigger than 15m2 that allows mezzanine floor reaches the wall. This prevents the existence of dangerous and unsightly gaps.

T15 Stair is designed so as take up less plan space and meet a large variety of heights.

Height: 173,7cm => 283,1cm, adjustable every 4cm (1,58in.)

Slope: 54º // Shadow: 74% of height

With handrail: Free width = 70cm (0,765yd) / Outside width = 89cm (0,973yd)
Without handrail: Free width = 70cm (0,765yd) / Outside width = 80cm (0,875yd)
The stair can be upwards turned to set free downwards movement. You can place it inside (below the frame) or whichever 4 outsider flanks.


T15 Handrail consists of some poles (apiece1m apart each other), 100cm (0,98yd) height handrail, and a strip in the middle.
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