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Loft and Miniloft

max height 3,00 m
Warranty 1 year
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Flow 150 kg
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Suitable for heavy duty

Telescopic loft ladder in anodized aluminum

10-rungs telescopic loft ladder (9 rungs is the Mini Loft type) in anodized aluminium is adjustable to different heights from 2,52 m to a maximum height of 3,00 m
(Mini Loft goes from 2,35 to 2,45 m).
Suitable for indoor use. It has a wide ramp, is very light and can be installed in 10 minutes.
The ladder can be opened and closed fatigue-free in seconds.
Capacity: 150 kg.

  • Opening belt
  • 6 screws for wooden ceilings 
  • 2 closing springs
  • Distance between steps: 9 cm
  • Inclination: 65° (2,65 m) / 75° (3 m)

Very important: it is strictly forbidden to modify the ladder without permission. Ladders must not be walled up.
  • Minimum hatch opening:
  • Loft: 52x92 cm for a ceiling height from 2,52 m to 2,80 m
  • Loft: 52x110 cm for a ceili
  • ng height from 2,70 m to 3 m
  • Mini Loft: 52x60 cm for a ceiling height from 2,35 m to 2,45 m
  • Min. opening distance from the wall: 171 cm (ceiling height > 2,52 m)
  • Min. opening distance from the wall: 90 cm (ceiling height > 2,85 m)
  • Frame/trapdoor kit

On request:
  • 60x120 cm (ceiling height from 2,52 m to 3 m)
  • 60x100 cm (ceiling height from 2,52 m to 2,85 m)
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