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Mezzanine ladder 90°

Adjustable from m 1,61 to m 2,34
Warranty 10 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
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Vertical mezzanine ladder

T8 Ladder is designed vertically, height adjustable telescopic form. Its lateral strings are 60cm over the mezzanine to ease go up or down the ladder (going down backwards is recomended on this kind of ladders).

Can be placed on either side of the structure Tecro-Star, even inside it.

The Straight T8 is a vertical scale, height adjustable telescopic form, designed to access the mezzanine T8 similar to a bunk. Can be placed on either side of the structure T8, even inside the same.


Height: 161,6cm (minimum) => 234,5cm (maximum), adjustable every 12cm
Slope: 85º // Shadow: 8% of height OR Slope: 79º // Shadow: 19% of height
Width: working = 37,4cm / Outside width = 43,3cm
The ladder can be upwards or downwards turned and moved over or underneath beams structure to set free downwards movement.

Ladder is zincalume to avoid scratches while turning and sliding.
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