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Mezzanine ladder 54°

Adjustable from m 1,73 to m 2,83
Warranty 10 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product

Telescopic and adjustable with 54° inclination

This height-adjustable stair is suitable to gain access to the frame; you can use it on other locations too because of its anchorage system is very versatile.

If you place the stair inside (below the frame) it won’t project on the plan.

The stair can be placed whichever 4 outsider flanks.

The stair can be upwards turned to set free downwards movement.


The KIT features lateral handrail and varnished wooden steps.

You can upwards turn the stair so that bulky packages or even vehicles can come past below.

Height: from 1742mm to 2835mm (from 1,90yd to 3,09yd)
Height adjustable each 4cm (1,58in.)
54º Slope
Shadow: 74% of height
Free Width = 700mm (0,765yd) / Outside Width = 920mm (0,973yd)
Handrail poles can be located internal on the stair
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