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Telescopic folding platform

m 4,00
Warranty 5 years
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 150 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Flow 1 person
It shows the number of people who can climb the structure at the same time

Reinforced extruded aluminium structure

Made of knurled aluminium with nonskid surface. Easy transportation in granted as it is compact and foldable. Suitable for low-level works of painters,decorators , construction companies,plasterers…
The platformallows a wide working surface compared with old heavy floorboards. When opened it assures a working
area of 240 cm. When telescopically extended, the area reaches a length of 400 cm.
• Reinforced extruded aluminium structure
• Non- skid knurled aluminium working platform
• Equipped with handles for easy transportation
• It must be positioned on stable supports with suitable capacity (150 kg) for example our aluminium sawbucks STAND or stepstools PUNTO PLUS
• It can be positioned at a max height of 1.999 mm
• Adjustable length from 120 to 400 cm in few seconds
• Hook to block telescopic extension
• Automatic steel hinges for folding
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