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Handtruck for Extinguishers Grisu'

Warranty 5 years
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Heavy-duty aluminium handtruck in aluminium to carry fire extinguishers, cylinders, and similar items.

Manufactured in strong extruded aluminium, compact and easy to transport, it is specifically designed for maintenance suppliers of extinguishers. In fact, it allows carrying up to seven fire extinguishers. Equipped with a multifunctional storage compartment to support extinguishers during maintenance.
A unique ergonomic product designed for all maintenance stages of extinguishers, from transportation to filling.

Ergonomic push handle: for a comfortable grip and push of the handtruck even for long distances, inclined by 7° to the vertical for maximum
user comfort.

Bulky and lightweight: to be easily transported by car or even in elevator, or raised to be moved to one floor to another.

Bottom support plate: allows carrying several extinguishers of various diameter and height. It has a footprint of 400x315 mm.

Multifunctional compartment:
1) To insert the toolbox
2) Support surface for extinguisher maintenance.
It is equipped with a Wiremesh multilayer wood weatherproof plan.
3) To carry extinguishers up to 50 cm height
4) It can contain tools or the necessary documents to register
maintenance under the platform.

Double-hook elastic strap: to block extinguishers during transportation.
Once it has been released, the extinguishers can be easily removed.

Full tyres: Standard polyurethane run-flat tyres. Flanges in pressed
welded steel (260x85 mm). If the handtruck remains unused for long, it
will be ready for use when the user will take it.



1) HORIZONTAL POSITION KIT: Provides maximum load of 11 extinguishers (see photo)

Equipped with a tow rope for handling the trolley in tight spaces with virtually zero curve dimensions
Composition kit:


  • OSB wood board with 4 D8 holes
  • Wheel D.100 with brake
  • M 3.0 easy to apply rope
  • No. 4 Screws and nuts
  • Mounting bolts

Mounting kit by the user - Estimated mounting time of 5 minutes

2) EXTRACTABLE CASE KIT:  to hold the tool box leaving the multifunctional compartment to the fire extinguisher for a more comfortable maintenance (see photo)




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