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Max working height m. 6.0
Warranty 1 year
It shows the validity of the guarantee in years
Flow 120 kg
It shows the maximum weight capacity of a product
Flow 1 person
It shows the number of people who can climb the structure at the same time
Compliant D.Leg. 81/08
All our products conforms to the standads in force
CE mark

Extra light and Compact pusharound with manual lifting

PS 400 is the only extralight platform push around with 2 persons capacity in the market

Compact access platform in painted steel with epoxy powder, which can be raised at the required height by battery or electrical drill or by using the manual wheel. It is light and handy to move in narrow areas. it is non-powered. It does not have electrical or hydraulic system so it does not need heavy maintenance. It is always ready and doesn’t need energy to work.  It passes through standard doors. Approved for indoor and outdoor use. Can be lifted by small forklifts and elevators and it can be transported by light trucks. Fast foldable outriggers can be use also close to the wall.


  • SIMPLE, (doesn't have electrical or idraulic systems)
  • COMFORTABLE, very light maintenance
  • ALWAYS READY, no battery so always ready to be used 24 hours a day
  • EASY TO RISE rise and lower in seconds with a drill or manually (with the ergonomical wheel).
    Rising is easy also because there are several pneumatic pistons pushing the platform up.
  • ACCORDIN TO THE STANDARDS, Tested according to CE (indoor and outdoor use) with 120 Kg capacity
  • HANDTRUCK when folded it can be used as a trolley to bring all the tools at the job site.
    Large non-slippery platform with guardrails (100 cm) and safety belt hook
  • COMPACT, pass through standard doors and small lifts
  • EASY TO HANDLE ideal for indoor use can move in reduced spaces
  • LIGHT, can be transported with small van (max wieght just 340 kg)
  • PRECISE, by pushing around is hard to make accidents (easy with a joystick electrica drive control) against a plane, a
    glass, a car.
  • HEIGHT, it can reach a maximum height of 5,00 m (4 m platform height/6 m working height)
  • SAFE, all safety components  (guardrails, towboards, outriggers) are integrated in the structure
    and can't be lost or forgotten. Emergency descent available from the ground. 
  • LEVELLING (all outriggers allow to level the machine also on unlevelled ground or sidewalks)
  • MOBILE, leght to push around on 4 wheels punture-proof diam. mm 125 
  • EASY TO LIFT by the forklift points
  • EASY TO TIE by the 4 tie points
  • ELECTRICAL TOOLS can be used on platform because an electrical plug is available

• Platform height telescopically adjustable up to 4 m
  • Steel chassis painted with epoxy powder equipped with 4 extension
    stabilisers and 4 pivoting wheels (2 with brakes)
  • Bull’s eye spirit level
  • Diameter of wheels 125 mm
  • It can be lifted and lowered by battery or electrical drill or by a comfortable
    manual wheel
  • Steel platform with toeboard, guardrails and handrails
  • Flat steps access ladder and self closing gate
  • Forklift and tie down points
  • Labels and use manual
  • EC declaration of conformity and certificate of test and examination

Working height: max 6.00 m. 
Capacity max: 120 kg
Platform height max: 4.00m 
Minimum platform height: 0.77m 
Platform dimensions: 0.6m x 1.26m 
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